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 training packages


 Agility and Plyometrics | 6 Sessions

Practice quickness and explosiveness

drills with technical coaching from an

expert in exercise physiology.  [240.00]


Speed and Endurance | 6 Sessions

Perform drills that will enhance the

various components of cardiovascular

endurance and sprinting speed.  [240.00] 


Performance Package | 10 Sessions

Train for all components of athletic 

improvement with positive

technical coaching from an experienced

sport performance coach.  [350.00]


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training packages

12-Week Performance Program

Our sport performance coaches will help 

you organize your off-season training by 

providing you with an easy-to-follow 

conditioning plan.  The plan includes drill

diagrams, exercise photos and video

references.  [400.00]


Session-to-Session Training

Work with one of our sport performance

coaches to practice a variety of agility,

explosiveness, speed, endurance and

mobility drills.  Training can be one-on-one

or in a small group setting.   

1 Athlete         [45.00]
2 Athletes         [35.00] per athlete
3 Athletes         [30.00] per athlete
4 Athletes         [25.00] per athlete


Contact us about team training and

family discounts.


training packages

Soccer Skill Training | 8 Sessions

Rochester Sport Performance soccer

coaches have extensive experience

coaching and playing at the premier club

and college level.  Our coaches have worked

with youth to professional level players

and adhere to the Coerver training method.  



Fitness Training | 10 Sessions

Are you motivated?  Do you exercise

regularly?  Are you looking to get fitter?

Are you looking to improve athletic

performance (5k, Biathlon, etc.)?   

1 Person         [350.00]
2 People         [200.00] per athlete
3 People         [150.00] per athlete
4 or More   Contact us


Contact us about team training and

family discounts.



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